The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino

"Let's build your own Dreams Together"

The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino


There are many great venues in Las Vegas that function as overall destinations for a complete vacation. The Venetian is one of these locations and as proof of that fact you will notice that many of the people that have great things to say about the resort are people that never actually left it during their stay in Las Vegas . The resort vacation often ends up being one of that sort and for that reason The Venetian's ability
to really inspire people not to leave its grounds during their stay just shows how its overall strength is better than most of the other places around.


The location of The Venetian is of course the Las Vegas Strip. Any hotel that is worth anything in the tourism industry of the city is located along the strip. Its location, aside from being one that allows it to participate in the legendary aspects of the city, is also one that allows it easy access to all of the great
tourism destinations in Las Vegas . All of the best shopping, the best eating, the best drinking, the best gaming and the best partying is located along the strip and for this reason if you choose to spend your Las Vegas vacation at The Venetian, you'll be walking distance from pretty much everything in the city you could possibly want to visit.


The accommodations that are available at The Venetian are some of the best accommodations around. There are in fact ways for you to choose a dizzying array of options, with different rooms specialized for different people. For this reason you can go for a simple room with a Queen-sized bet and nothing special about it or you can go all out and get two King-sized beds while at the same time making sure that your room has a wet bar, a terrace, a television set, a Jacuzzi, service around the clock and a DVD
player. With options that are that involved and comprehensive, it's really no wonder that some people decide to spend their entire vacation at The Venetian.


If you're interested in extras, then The Venetian is definitely the place to go. It has one of the best spa and salon packages in Las Vegas and also gives you discount fare should you want to host a large gathering at the hotel. You can also visit some of the best shopping ranges available in Las Vegas just before you go and eat at some of the best restaurants located just beside. The common pool is available around the clock whenever you feel like taking a dip and of course the view from the windows and the outside areas of the resort is simply one of paradise.


The Venetian is a resort that like many others attempts to bring some old world flair to a new world design. While it is successful in that, it's really the wide range of options and choices they present that makes the resort as good as it is.

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