Treasure Island Casino Review

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Treasure Island Casino Review

There are many different casinos that you can visit in Las Vegas , but few have the overall
strength of the Treasure Island Casino. Whether you are considering the theme, the available games, the action that you can have or the extras included in the casino package, it is quite clear that Treasure
Island Casino is a rare thing indeed.


Perhaps the main criticism that could be made of Treasure Island Casino is that it is not located along the Las Vegas Strip. It is relatively close to that area however and for this reason is much closer to the tourism part of the city than the residential part. For this reason, it still has a relatively good location.

Table Gaming

The main table game offered by Treasure Island Casino is blackjack. There are other games offered, but realistically this is the only one that is up to the level of the Las Vegas gaming environment. There are many different options on their blackjack tables however, allowing you to play for a dollar a hand or hundreds of dollars a hand depending on exactly what you want to do.

Slots Gaming

Interested in slot machines? Well, that is the main attraction of Treasure Island Casino and the strength of their slot machine selections really does speak for itself. You can play the regular conventional one-armed bandit machines or you can go ahead and play the ultra-modern video slot machines. There are also slot machines in between based on different casino games and of course there are also video poker machines with all of your favorite variants available.

Poker Gaming

Treasure Island is home to a very impressive poker room. It is in fact a room that you would not really expect to be there considering the small size of the casino, but it is a room that is very impressive nonetheless. You can play Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Omaha/8 and Seven Card Stud around the clock in this room and you can play for as little as $2/$4 or as much as $30/$60. There are also spread limit and no
limit hold ‘em games available if you'd like something a bit spicier to deal with.

Other Gaming

The only other gambling game that is available at Treasure Island Casino is bingo and that is a specialty offering that most of the other casinos in the city do not have. In addition to bingo, there is also bowling and golf offered in non-gambling areas of the casino should you want to play those instead.


There are many extras available at Treasure Island Casino, such as complimentary drinks whenever you may want them. You can also take a look at the excellent dining available at Treasure Island Casino, much of which can become free if you become a member of their rewards program and play enough when you're in the casino. If you want to spend your entire vacation at the casino it is quite possible that most of your meals will be free at normal rates of play.

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