Venetian Casino Hotel

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Venetian Casino Hotel

Bring home a taste of imperial Europe by visiting the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino. There are a number of different reasons to visit the Venetian even if you are not a person that is fond of gambling. This particular resort is very indicative of the new Las Vegas casino which has the ability to cater to the whims of its customers no matter what those whims actually happen to be.


The accommodations that are offered at The Venetian are perhaps some of the most luxurious in Las Vegas. There are many magazines that have said as much and many of the customers that have stayed at multiple locations in Las Vegas have said the exact same thing. There are suites available in many different sizes and with many different tastes that have been heavily influenced by old world Venice. The theme of The Venetian is present throughout the entire list of accommodations and that at the very least will make your senses whirl with pleasure.


The gaming floor is home to the vast majority of gambling activities that you will find inside the Venetian. It is an excellent floor, home to all of the casino games that you would expect. You will find blackjack, baccarat, roulette and craps on the gaming floor as well as a rich collection of slot and video poker machines. For people that prefer something without a house edge, there is a big poker room that has just been added that allows you to play Texas Hold ‘Em and match wits against other players rather than playing against the house.

Food and Drink

There is no other place in Las Vegas that offers the selection of dining that the Venetian has. You can have seafood, Italian, French, American, Asian and Mexican food with restaurants all located inside the resort. In addition to that, you can go for health food if you’re on a diet or combination food by visiting one of the global restaurants located inside the resort. The choices are endless.


Entertainment is available all over the place at The Venetian. From nightclubs to the Blue Man Group, you can easily find something to keep you entertained should you decide to venture off the gaming floor.


There are few casino resorts that actually have service at the level of the best in the world while at the same time being able to maintain a high standard of gaming. The Venetian is one of these few.

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