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Top Las Vegas Tours

Are you interested in seeing Las Vegas in ways that very few tourists do? While most people are at the casinos playing and gambling their money away, why not take a break from gambling and take a tour of this famous city or nearby areas?

You can use your money in a way that allows you to get a different experience out of it while at the same time refreshing your mind.

A good example of a tour that you can take in Las Vegas is the Grand Canyon All American Helicopter Tour. This is a very impressive tour that you can take of one of the most breathtaking natural wonders of the world and it starts at the airport in Las Vegas . All you have to do is take off, strap in and bring a camera while the helicopter winds its way around the Grand Canyon is a precious 45-minute tour that will have you stunned again and again at the natural beauty there is to be found within such a short distance of the Las Vegas desert. With packages starting at just $300 for the tour, you can definitely get your money’s worth.

Do you want something a little more affordable and with more bang for you buck? If you want to make the most of your money and spend a lot less money in the process, you can ditch the helicopter in favor of the highway and go see both the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam over the course of an entire day. You’ll get plenty of time to spend at both of the attractions and you can even take the famous skywalk option if you want to as it will be included in the price that you pay. With packages starting at around $150 for this amazing tour, you can get twice the number of national icons on the tour while at the same time cutting the amount of money you spend in half.

If you want to stay in the city of Las Vegas, many of the best tourism venues in the area can be reached through the use of the Las Vegas Power Pass. This handy little device is something you can purchase if you plan to visit all of the non-gambling attractions in the city and it will allow you to gain entry to all of them. You can purchase the pass for just one day or up to a whole week if you wish, with the one day pass costing you around $75. There’s a discount that gets larger the more you use it and of course the
added convenience of not having to stand in line to buy tickets is also something that appealed to many people that have purchased the pass in the past.

These tours (and hundreds of others like them) illustrate that there is a lot more to Las Vegas than just gambling. And for that reason, if you’re bringing the family to las vegas , you should have a great time with the 100's amazing tours and las vegas shows to see and try.

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